Johnny Hallyday

Born Rocker Tour - An Evening with

Johnny Hallyday

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Doors: 6:30 pm

The Lincoln Theatre

Washington, DC


Johnny Hallyday - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Johnny Hallyday

‘L’Attente’ (The Wait) must be the most eagerly awaited French-speaking album of the year. It’s also an unmistakable sign that Johnny Hallyday is well and truly back. Back to basics too, with rock guitars, irresistible melodies, timeless tunes and his legendary voice to top it all off. This will be the album that seals Johnny Hallyday’s place in rock history. It kicks off with the eponymous single ‘L’Attente’, written and composed by Christophe Miossec and Daran, which Johnny Hallyday tackles with great intensity. It’s bound to become a classic in his impressive repertoire.

You can immediately tell that this album’s going to be essential listening. Yvan Cassar’s production plays a major part (he has previously worked with Mylène Farmer, Claude Nougaro, Charles Aznavour, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Jacques Dutronc, Florent Pagny and Roberto Alagna) and shows Johnny Hallyday at the very top of his game and the height of his powers. This new album bears Johnny Hallyday’s artistic hallmark from start to finish. You can hear it in the guitar riffs on ‘L’Amour à Mort’ (Love You To Death), which could almost be by the Australian band AC/DC, and the artist’s fingerprints are all over the timeless ‘20 Ans’ (20 Years, composed by the British songwriter David Ford), which transcends generations. The common theme of this finely crafted, yet musically accessible album is the passing of time - how it fades and floats and stops and accelerates, how time’s unfathomable whims take over our lives. It inspires songs like ‘Refaire l’Histoire’ (Rewriting History), composed by Blair Mackichan (Lily Allen, etc.), ‘Un Nouveau Jour’ (A New Day), with music by Davide Esposito (Florent Pagny, etc.) and lyrics by Christophe Miossec, and the fantastic ‘Un Tableau de Hopper’ (A Painting by Hopper) with music by Daran and lyrics by two upcoming writers, Emmanuelle de Cosso and Jérôme Attal.

One of the album’s highlights is the brilliant duet with Céline Dion. Despite being the first time the two artists have ever recorded together, they certainly hit it off. Their two distinct vocal identities confront each other in a battle of love to keep the flame of emotion burning bright. It was composed by Todd Wright (five-times WAMA Award nominee in the States) with lyrics by Christophe Miossec. ‘L’Amour peut prendre froid’ (Love Can Catch Cold) is a testament to the power of a good tune.

The album contains further surprises such as ‘Devant Toi’ (In Front of You), a modern pop rock song that Johnny co-wrote with John Mamann. On ‘N’en vouloir à personne’ and ‘A l’abri du monde’ Johnny Hallyday returns to subjects close to his heart, filling them with his unrivalled emotional energy. No question about it, this album opens a new chapter in his breathtaking career.

It’s indispensable already.
Venue Information:
The Lincoln Theatre
1215 U Street NW
Washington, DC, 20009